Top Reasons to Buy Singapore Property

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Notwithstanding of the pandemic, the property market in Singapore has experienced a growth in terms of Transaction Volumes and Property Prices. Singaporean themselves are buying properties, either for own stay or for investments, for themselves or for their next generation. Investors from all over the world are still confident on Singapore properties, though the Covid-19 travel restrictions are preventing some foreigners from travelling to Singapore to execute their purchases.

Here, we will share the good reasons to buy Singapore property.

  1. Increase in Asset Prices

As asset prices shoot through the roof in many countries around the world and flow into stocks and real estate, we are seeing a repeat of asset price inflation that impacts many areas of our lives.

10 years ago, every dollar we had was larger than it is now. The decade before, it was even larger.

How much then can we expect our money to shrink in the next decade?


  1. Rental Income

If you want to generate rental income by investing in a private property, your best course of action would be to buy properties in city areas. Singapore, being a city-state, will generate good demand as the city is densely populated and popular with direct foreign investors looking to station their Headquarters in Asia. Potential investors can make a fortune in rental income if they invest in the right property.

  1. Substantial Capital Appreciation

The real estate industry in Singapore is expected to surge in the next decade, with a report from Morgan Stanley suggesting that Singapore property prices will be worth double their value by 2030. The economy's growth is a major factor behind that, which will result in rising demand for commercial and residential spaces. That means if you buy Singapore property today, you can sell it at a substantially higher price in the future.


  1. Quality of Building and Finishes

Singapore is known for its stringent rules and regulations. In the competitive real estate environment, Singapore developers compete fiercely with one another to ensure they build excellent housing that cater to the demanding lifestyle of the residents, with quality finishing and fittings. All Building contractors are also subjected to the stringent rules of the respective government bodies. Hence, buyers can be rest assured of quality and relevant products when they buy Singapore Properties.

Some examples of 2021 Private residential  launches include:



The timing couldn't be better, and if you invest in Singapore real estate, get in touch with us today.

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